Thursday, April 18

Earth Day Approaches

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As Earth Day approaches I cringe because I feel we are failing to comprehend the Overview of our planet’s real problems. Yet I have hope that united we can and will work to eradicate those problems.

We must adopt an International effort like we have in space and practice it here on the surface. I feel it could bring about real change that could shape our lives in a positive way.

Without the Overview Effect we do not experience what the astronauts feel. The camaraderie of being in cramped quarters in space is certainly not the same here on Earth. But we can learn from sharing those experiences with the astronauts as they relate them to us.

Never before have we lived in such an age of information with the Internet and Google. Using these tools like a sharp knife one can find such wonders as views of Earth from the ISS, videos of celestial delights from YouTube, 3D digital reconstructions from NASA, Gifs of space and the descriptions of the astronauts themselves that have experienced the Overview Effect.

With so much information at our finger tips we find ourselves making smarter choices about the kinds of things that impact our lives and in doing so live better lives. Unfortunately better lives are not going to save us if we insist on using up everything on Earth.

Living better lives for us should mean we have more time and money to help other’s who don’t or to recycle. That we are out doing what we can to help save animals and teach right from wrong to our children. Unfortunately the people fighting “the good fight” are few and far between. There’s a lot of tongue wagging going around but there are too many people not doing enough.

Take the case of animals in 2013 and this is just the tip of the iceberg.


Unlike the mass extinction events of geological history, the current extinction challenge is one for which a single species-ours-appears to be almost wholly responsible.

So animal’s surely aren’t benefiting from us being smarter and having more technology. And animal cruelty is on the rise. With cutbacks to services emergency support for all animal’s in 2013 is nil. People committing crimes against animals aren’t being prosecuted because there’s no animal officers to even deal with them to get them to court.

I heard about animal’s like dogs and cats being rounded up and eaten in other counties but was shocked to see on the news that a Bay Area restaurant was serving lion meat in tacos and showed people eating it on TV smacking their lips. Another restaurant is serving lion steak and demand is growing.

Can’t anyone see that this demand for lion meat will fuel the lion farms and bring about the end of the lion more quickly? Do we really want to “eat” them into extinction or should we leave them languish in farms where they surely suffer before they die?

This is only one example of the situations we face in the upcoming years when it comes to the Overview of our planet. If we had the sense to not eat the lion in the first place we wouldn’t cause our own problems. This is where I salute the vegetarians of this world.

My thoughts are many and may be wandering around some, but all these things and weigh heavy on my mind as I helplessly watch what’s going on in the world before Earth Day. Sometimes ecologically I feel we have lost our minds as I take in some of the madness.

People are still starving, wars are still being fought, homeless people still sleep on the streets and the rest of us mostly work our butt’s off to survive but watch this video of the Overview from the ISS and tell me it doesn’t move you. That is doesn’t give you hope and make you feel good.

Despite everything I believe there are things we can do but we can’t do them alone. I have to wonder what could it really be like? Can we really do it?

We can sure keep trying!

Earth Day is Monday, April 22nd.

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