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A Better Planet For All

We need to develop a no-boundaries attitude against our planet’s problems and act as “one” to do what’s important to save our world.
One of our biggest obstacles is ourselves. We must grow as a people and learn to accept the differences in ourselves and other’s. Only then can we go forward together as one.

I feel this starts with The Overview Effect. None of us will ever know the feeling of being in the Copula looking back at Earth but with Space Ambassadors like Chris Hadfield and the other brave astronauts we are finally getting a good idea of what it’s like.

Imagine being weightless in a tin can looking back at Earth. The air is processed and space is cramped. You have a million things to do to ensure you stay alive. Yet when you make time to look out the window, there goes home.

It must be euphoric and terrifying at the same time as it sinks in just where you are at. Living in the ISS for 6 months and only protected by man-made technology.

Form space the planet looks so peaceful and you see no boundaries, no lines or fences on the surface. And at that moment realize that we are one.

“We are the SOURCE and the ANSWER to our problems facing planet Earth. Let’s take that SOURCE within us and become powerful renovators of our world. Without change, we can never hope to attain an ANSWER.”

© Rebecca Sanchez

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